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RGH UV Series

UV Laser

RGH-355-1.5/3 | RGH-355-12 | RGH-355-20 | RGH-355-30| RGH-355-40*


  • High single pulse energy: over 100 μJ@100kHz
  • Total pulse control
  • Burst mode
  • Variable rep rate: single shot to 2MHz
    • Option to 8MHz
  • PEC: power or pulse energy control
  • Pulse width ~7ps
  • Zero leakage
  • Excellent beam quality (M²<1.3)
  • Exceptional beam pointing stability
  • Compact industrial grade ps laser
  • Low maintenance

*RGH-355-40 is a non-standard product, please contact us for more information



ModelRGH-355-1.5/3 RGH-355-12 RGH-355-20 RGH-355-30
Wavelength 355 nm
Average Power 1.5/3W@100kHz 12W@100kHz 20W** 30W**
Pulse Width ~7 ps‡
Repetition Rate†50kHz to 2MHz 100kHz to 2MHz 200kHz** to 2MHz
Pulse to Pulse Stability @ 1 MHz < 3% rms
Spatial Mode TEM00 M2<1.3
Beam Pointing Stability < 25 urad
Long Term Power Stability (8h±3 °C) < ±2% rms
Line Frequency50 to 60 Hz

† Lower rep rates (down to single shot) achieved by selecting higher rep rate pulses with the AOM. Option to 8MHz
‡ Measured at 1064 nm
** Rep rate specified depend on –L, -M or –H optimization desired (see performance curves)

Power Consumption (excluding chiller)< 600 W
VibrationUp to 3g
Warm Up Time < 15 min
CoolingClosed Loop Chiller
Operating Temperature 15°C to 30°C (59° to 86°F)
Interface Ethernet / RS 232 / GUI / External TTL Triggering
Relative Humidity Non-condensing, 90% Max
Electrical Requirement100 to 240V AC
Laser Head 10 in x 3.75* in x 26 in 12 in x 4.75* in x 40.5 in
Weight~74 lbs ~98lbs

* Does not include height of desiccant (0.35’’) and height of removable feet



  • Organic LED (OLED) Cutting
  • OLED Repairing
  • Plastics Cutting, Drilling and Marking
  • Medical Device Cutting, Drilling and Marking
  • Ceramic Cutting, Drilling and Scribing
  • Glass and Sapphire Cutting and Drilling
  • LED Scribing, Dicing and Patterning
  • Semiconductor Scribing and Dicing
  • PCB Processing
  • Laser Cutting for Glass Reinforced Plastic & Carbon Fiber
  • Cutting and Scribing of Display Glass and Functional Foils for FPDs
  • Solar Cell Processing


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