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DX Green Air-Cooled Series

Standard Green Laser

DX-532-2 | DX-532-10 | DX-532-15

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  • 532 nm wavelength
  • Power: 2W to 15W*
  • Air-cooled design, water cooled option
  • All-in-one (AIO) single box design
  • Patented intracavity green generation
  • Compact, rugged, monolithic
  • Total pulse control
  • TEM00 beam with typical M² < 1.1
  • Pulse rates from 1Hz to 300kHz (Option to 500kHz)
  • RS232 computer control

*For higher power green nanosecond laser, please see DX Green laser series.


The DX Air-Cooled UV/Green Series Nanosecond Series is the most compact, most efficient air-cooled UV and green diode pumped solid state (DPSS) q-switch laser. Monolithic All-In-One (AIO) ns UV and green laser design incorporates features such as the smallest footprint, lightest weight, the highest average power, shortest pulse width, enabling high peak powers. All this, in combination with rich standard software features into one single package, satisfies customer needs with benefits such as ease of handling, high quality process optimization, with high throughput, uncompromised process quality and long-term stability in 24/7 applications with a low Cost of Ownership (COO).

An Industrial Platform

With its new revolutionary packaging, our new DX Air-Cooled Series has smaller form factor, higher performance and shorter pulse widths compared to its ancestor, the DCH series, providing the most compact UV output powers from 1W to 10W and Green output powers from 2W to 15W with highest pulse energy up to 150 µJ at 355 nm and exceeding 300 µJ at 532 nm air-cooled industrial ns lasers commercially available. Combined with a power/heat consumption typically <50W makes the DX Air-Cooled Series the most efficient air-cooled laser with the highest wall plug efficiency:

o ~10% for green

o ~6% for UV

Highest Performance and Reliability in a Compact Size

Owing to key patented technologies, intracavity harmonic generation is inherently a more efficient harmonic conversion that provides unmatched superior beam quality, as well as better beam pointing stability in a simple, compact laser configuration making this laser the perfect tool for precision manufacturing. DX Air-Cooled UV/Green Series Nanosecond Series consists of rugged and durable industrial laser designed for longevity and long-term stability in 24/7 applications. Exceptional performance including short pulse width for minimum heat affected zone (HAZ), better pulse-to-pulse stability (<2% rms), beam pointing stability (< 25 μrad), beam circularity (~90%) and superior beam quality (M2 typically <1.1) makes this laser the perfect tool for precision manufacturing. The lasers’ very compact All-In-One (AIO) design offers a single package solution that allows fast and low cost integration for machine tool builders especially when space is a limiting factor. The very small dimensions of the all-in-one concept as well as low heat dissipation make this laser the technology of choice for a small tabletop and OEM volume instruments. The combination of high output power and air-cooled design reduces complexity, thereby resulting in short product development cycles and fast return of investment for customers.

Advanced Software Controls GUI interface

Versatility and flexibility are realized by integrating advanced and value-added hardware and software elements such as pulse energy control, burst mode, on-demand remote diagnostic/”no touch” calibration via a friendly GUI on your computer with adjustable output power to optimize the laser performance to the application needs using real-time TTL and/or integrated analog control signals. The dynamic pulse energy control feature actively measures and controls the laser for continual energy and power stabilization, even under rapidly changing operating set points or environments, enables “on-the-fly” adjustments and fast gating for precision micromachining applications such as: cutting, scribing, marking, and drilling of small features.

New Remote Diagnostic/Calibration Feature

A remote “electronic” service capability has been implemented on all our lasers to troubleshoot and then calibrate the laser to recover laser power. This on-demand remote “electronic” service capability utilizes an alignment mode feature to diagnose and solve through the internet via a friendly GUI on your computer 90% of the field service issues that required manual service in the past. This has the benefit that no service technician needs to be deployed in the field, enabling a “no contact”/”no touch” service experience which is highly advantageous this COVID environment.

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