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DX Series Long Pulse Nanosecond Lasers

Long Pulse Nanosecond Laser

DX-355-LP | DX-355-HLP | DX-532-LP | DX-532-HLP

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  • High power (up to 30W) UV and (up to 50W) green laser
  • The most compact, rugged, All-In-One ns laser
  • The highest wall plug efficiency ns laser ranging from ~10% for UV to ~17% for green
  • Widest selection of pulse widths from 10ns to >200ns**, differing from any other commercially available single laser platform
  • Patented intracavity UV and green generation
  • Highest pulse energy UV ns laser in the market at >1mJ at 50kHz
  • Excellent TEM00 beam with typical M2<1.1
  • Superior pulse stability, typically <2%
  • Exceptional beam pointing stability <25 μrad
  • Total pulse control (PEC, Duty Control, etc.)


Our DX Series Long Pulse Nanosecond Lasers have smaller form factor, higher performance, and more flexibility in pulse width compared to its ancestor, the DSH series, providing the most compact UV output powers from 15W to 30W and Green output powers from 30W to 50W in a longer pulse configuration.  Shorter pulse versions are available.**

** For shorter pulse width models, please see the DX Series Short Pulse Nanosecond Lasers

Download Brochure Here