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SN Series Sub-Nanosecond Lasers

Sub-Nanosecond Laser

SN-1064-10 | SN-1064-30 | SN-1064-70 | SN-1064-100 | SN-532-5 | SN-532-16 | SN-532-40|SN-532-60 | SN-355-3 | SN-355-10 | SN-355-25 | SN-355-40

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  • Up to 100W of power at 1064nm
  • Up to 3mJ of pulse energy at 1064nm
  • Sub ns Pulse Width specifiable from ~100ps to 5ns
  • Repetition rate from Single Shot to 8MHz
  • Excellent beam quality (M2<1.3)
  • Air-cooled and Closed loop chilled versions
  • Small compact all-in-one form factor
  • Diode pumped technology
  • Harmonic options available (i.e., 532 & 355nm)
  • Low jitter <500ps
  • Burst Mode


The SN Series fills the gap for high power laser availability in the subnanosecond (i.e., ~50ps to 5ns) pulse width range. Such lasers have been identified as beneficial for a variety of micromachining and LIDAR applications, but until now, have been limited to only a few Watts of average power. Photonics Industries now offers a unique high intensity (i.e., high brightness/high peak power) sub-ns laser alterative for novel laser-based material processing, research and development, as well as, scientific applications. The longer pulse widths of the SN laser allows it to be run at higher pulse energies at lower rep rates than conventional 10 to 20ps lasers.

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