Photonics Industries Introduces the Highest Power Intracavity UV nanosecond Lasers Available

(Bohemia, NY – Feb. 17, 2014) – Leveraging Photonics Industries’ strength as the pioneer of intracavity solid-state harmonic lasers, Photonics Industries has just released a UV ns laser, the DSH-355-25, that delivers up to 30W of intracvity harmonic average power at 355nm from a compact, rugged, monolithic laser head. Photonics Industries’s patented intracavity UV Generation has […]

Photonics Industries Expands

PHOTONICS INDUSTRIES EXPANDS  Bohemia, NY, Nov 4, 2013: PHOTONICS INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL Inc. announces the expansion of its Long Island, New York based headquarters facilities in order to address our growing market presence and demand for our diode pumped solid state laser products. To support the recent growth we have been experiencing in the industrial and […]

Photonics Industries Introduces the Highest Pulse Energy 100m J YLF Lasers Available

Photonics Industries Introduces the Highest Pulse Energy 100mJ YLF Lasers Available (Bohemia, NY – Sept. 18, 2013) – Photonics Industries (PI) was the first to develop high efficiency q-switched, intra-cavity second harmonic Nd:YLF green pump lasers in 1993. PI continues to lead this technology today, outpacing ourselves and the competition again with the introduction of our […]