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Celebrating 30 Years – Photonics Industries

Photonics Industries (PI) celebrates its 30th year in business as the leader of the diode-pumped solid-state laser revolution. PI, “The Pioneer of Intracavity Solid-State Harmonic Lasers,” enabled the mass manufacturability of flat-panel TVs and cell phones ushering in the Information Age! See Photonics Industries history on About Photonics Industries illustrated in a year-by-year breakdown. See […]

Intravascular photoacoustic imaging using Photonics Industries OPO Laser Technology

  Intravascular photoacoustic imaging using Photonics Industries OPO Laser Technology. Scientific research laser technology for innovations in biomedical imaging.   Photonics Industries high pulse repetition rate, tunable, intracavity OPO system, with a pulse duration of 10 ns and a tunable repetition rate from 2 kHz to 10 kHz was used for the excitation of C-H bonds, for intravascular […]

Air-Cooled High Pulse Energy Picosecond Lasers

RGLX Series High Pulse Energy Picosecond Laser models now offer high pulse energies, in the picosecond regime, at both kHz high pulse repetition rates and millijoule-level pulse energies in an air-cooled, all-in-one (AIO) form factor. • mJ pulse energies at kHz pulse repetition rate: Up to 4mJ pulse energy IR at 1kHz • All-in-one (AIO), […]

Photonics Industries’ femtosecond lasers win 2022 LFW Innovators Award

  Photonics Industries, the pioneer of intracavity solid-state harmonic lasers, new line of femtosecond (fs) pulse width lasers, FS Series, was recognized among the best by the 2022 Laser Focus World Innovators Awards by an esteemed and experienced panel of judges from the optics and photonics community. Check out our latest video on the FS Series […]