Optical Parametric Oscillator (OPO) Laser

With our novel intracavity OPO technology, we have built a large number of these OPO lasers producing 1.5um to 3.4um outputs and power from 0.5W to 10W with pulse widths of ~10 to 15ns for applications such as eye safe illumination, defense range finding and biophotonic research.

Photonics Industries novel intracavity OPO Series ns lasers can also provide mJs of pulse energy pulsed at kHz rep rates at any fixed wavelength selectable from the following wavelength ranges:

  • 3.4um to 2.2um
  • 2um to 1.5um (e.g., 1.7um)
  • 1um to 750nm
  • 666nm to 255nm

all with a TEM00 spatial mode profile. Such lasers are applicable to medical techniques such as photoacoustic (PA) ultrasound medical imaging, photoacoustic tomography, 3D photoacoustic microscopy, UV surface excitation microscopy, laser surgery, etc.

  • OPO

    High Repetition Rate OPO Diode Pumped Laser