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DM Green Series
Nanosecond Lasers (Multi-Mode)

High Pulse Energy & High Power Green Lasers

Patented highest pulse energy green laser from a single resonator: Up to 100 mJ, Nd:YLF; Up to 200 W, Nd:YAG

High Pulse Energy (Nd:YLF, 527nm)

DM1-527-20 | DM1-527-30 | DM1-527-40 | DM1-527-50 | DM1-527-60 | DM1-527-100

High Power (Nd:YAG, 532nm)

DM1-532-60 | DM1-532-100 | DM1-532-150 | DM1-532-200

DM Series Nd:YLF & Nd:YAG Nanosecond Lasers Brochure


  • Two fully independent lasers, integrated into a Dual Head* configuration available (see DM2 Series Dual Head brochure): Up to 200 mJ, Nd:YLF; Up to 400 W, Nd:YAG
  • Exceptional repetition rate control: Single shot up to 10 kHz, Nd:YLF; 1 to 50 kHz, Nd:YAG
  • Excellent pulse stability: < 0.5% rms
  • Proprietary Twin Pulse mode† option: Generation of pulses in pairs with a calibrated pulse energy ratio. Controllable pulse separation down to 1 µs (< 1 µs for Dual Head)
  • TEM00 beam option available. Contact us.
  • Unmatched reliability: < 1% service call requests within the warranty period in the latest 24-month statistics

*All models can be configured in a Dual Head. Please see DM2 Series Dual Head brochure.
† PI’s patented twin pulse mode provides double pulses from a single trigger signal from the single laser head. Energy ratio of the twin pulses and pulse separation between the twin pulses is user programmable


Photonics Industries’ DM1 Series Nd:YLF and Nd:YAG green nanosecond lasers combine remarkably high pulse energies (up to 100 mJ) or high average powers (up to 200 W) with a simple, rugged, and efficient form factor, all from one fully independent laser resonator. Dual Head configurations can go up to 200 mJ of pulse energy or up to 400 W of power. The proprietary single laser resonator design[1] ideally fulfills the needs of both research and industry, from PIV research, to providing the necessary high energy for laser thermal processing or annealing applications in an industrial, compact form factor.
[1] US Patents #7,346,092 Diode side pumped high pulse energy Nd:YLF lasers, #7,082,149 High power diode side pumped solid state laser

Technologically Superior

Its technological superiority and high reliability has been verified by less than 1% service call request during the warranty period in the latest 24 months statistics.  For even higher pulse energy or sub microsecond pulse separation PIV applications, each of these models can be built into a dual head laser which will produce twice as much pulse energy as its single head counterpart (see DM2 Series Dual Head brochure).

Optimally Compact and Highly Reliable

  • Improved, more compact form factor on the laser head.
  • Integrated driver into the laser head, improving performance that would have otherwise been degraded when transduced over the umbilical.  All controls are now operated by a software GUI via a RS232 connection from the laser head to a computer—a plug and play, quick start functionality highly beneficial to the user.
  • Legacy model controllers are now simply a power supply, with an emergency off button, clearly visible in any event that may require such an operation.  With a remarkably small form factor (at 2U) and a 19” rack-mount option, the user has the utmost versatility.
  • For the Dual Head option, the adjustable turning mirrors are now adjusted via the software GUI rather than through manual adjustment.

DM Series Nd:YLF & Nd:YAG Nanosecond Lasers Brochure