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DP Series High Pulse Energy Nanosecond Lasers

High Pulse Energy Nanosecond Laser

DP20 | DP5 | DP1| DP2k

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  • High pulse energy with low pulse widths: Up to 20 mJ at ~8 ns pulse width
  • Reliable, low COO, non-consumable design: Patented intracavity harmonic UV & Green generation, no damaging indexing of the harmonic crystals
  • Small, air-cooled form factor: Water-cooling or no pre-integrated cooling options available
  • Exceptional power consumption: Consumes only ~50 W of power
  • Multiwavelength Selectable (MWS) & Multiwavelength Blended (MWB) options: Select and/or blend IR, Green, UV, & DUV
  • Continuously variable pulse repetition rates: Single shot to 100 Hz, option up to 200 Hz; For higher pulse repetition rates up to 2 kHz, see DP2k model.
  • Superior beam pointing stability: < 25 µrad
  • Total Pulse Control for ideal integration into systems: Duty Control, PEC (Power or Pulse Energy Control)

Download Brochure Here