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DP Series
Nanosecond Lasers

High Pulse Energy Nanosecond Lasers

High pulse energy, TEM00 output, with low pulse widths: Up to 50 mJ at 6-10 ns pulse width range

DP20 | DP5 | DP1k-20 | DP50

DP Series High Pulse Energy Nanosecond Lasers Brochure


  • Extremely efficient with 5X to 10X lower heat vs. the competition: 5% to 10% conversion from wall power.
  • Small, air-cooled, all-in-one (AIO) form factor
  • Multiwavelength Selectable (MWS) & Multiwavelength Blended (MWB) options: Select and/or blend IR, Green, UV, & DUV
  • Continuously variable pulse repetition rates: 1 Hz to 100 Hz, or up to 1 kHz
  • Superior beam pointing stability: < 25 µrad
  • Total Pulse Control for ideal integration into systems: Duty Control, PEC (Power or Pulse Energy Control)
  • Reliable, low COO, non-consumable design: Patented intracavity harmonic UV & Green generation


Photonics Industries’ DP Series diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS), Q-Switched, high energy, short pulse width lasers combine up to 20mJ pulse energy levels, TEM00 output, and exceptional power efficiency with 10X lower heat load vs. closest competitors. With the ability to select and/or blend multiple wavelengths, the DP Series is an ideal, compact air-cooled package for industrial applications, from intra-marking glass, to repairing displays. Scientific applications also benefit where the high pulse energies align well for atomic excitation research or spectroscopy systems.

DP Series High Pulse Energy Nanosecond Lasers Brochure