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DX Air-Cooled Series
Nanosecond Lasers

Standard UV/Green Nanosecond Laser

DX-532-2 | DX-532-10 | DX-532-15 | DX-532-20

DX-355-1 | DX-355-5 | DX-355-8 | DX-355-10

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  • Highest powers air-cooled in the market
    Up to 10 W, UV, Air-Cooled
    Up to 20 W, Green, Air-Cooled
  • Short pulse widths:
    ~15 ns at 50 kHz
    ~20 ns at 100 kHz
  • Wider repetition rate range than leading competitors, fulfilling higher throughput criteria:
    Single shot up to 300 kHz, UV
    Single shot up to 500 kHz, Green
  • Reliable, low COO, non-consumable design
    Patented intracavity harmonic UV & Green generation,
    no damaging indexing of the harmonic crystals
  • Small, air-cooled form factor; water-cooling option available
  • Excellent TEM00 beam quality: Typical M2 < 1.1
  • Total Pulse Control:
    Duty Control to change output power while allowing
    for longer pulse widths than the standard operating
    PEC (Power or Pulse Energy Control), Burst Mode
  • Power monitoring and calibration: Real-time power monitoring, Auto power calibration


Photonics Industries’ DX Air-Cooled Series nanosecond DPSS lasers, with a small, air-cooled form factor (275 in^3, ~15.5 lbs or ~7 kg), offer the highest powers air-cooled in the market, with up to 10 W UV and up to 20 W green. The extra small DX Air-Cooled Series (152.1 in^3, ~10 lbs or ~4.5 kg), outputs average powers of 1 W UV and up to 2 W green. The DX Air-Cooled Series combines capabilities in power, air-cooling, and a small mechanical footprint for optimal integration in industrial laser microprocessing systems. As an exceptionally small DPSS laser, the DX Air-Cooled Series nanosecond laser is the ideal laser source solution from micron-precision marking, to solar cell processing, and to many more industrial laser microprocessing applications.

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