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  • DX2-UV_20220923_05_wb
  • DX2-GRN_20220923_01_wb
  • DX2-GRN_20220923_02_wb
  • DX2-GRN_20220923_03_wb
  • DX2-GRN_20220923_04_wb
  • DX2-GRN_20220923_05_wb
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DX Short Pulse Series
Nanosecond Lasers

Short Pulse UV/Green Nanosecond Laser

DX-355-20 | DX-355-28 | DX-355-40 | DX-355-50

DX-532-30 | DX-532-48 | DX-532-65 | DX-532-80 | DX-532-100

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  • Short pulse at high powers:
    Up to 50 W UV, ~12 ns,
    Up to 100 W Green, ~25 ns
  • High pulse energy:
    Up to 1 mJ UV & Green
  • Most versatile repetition rate range:
    Single shot up to 1 MHz Green,
    Single shot up to >0.5 MHz UV
  • Reliable, low COO, non-consumable design
    Patented intracavity harmonic UV & Green generation, no damaging indexing of the harmonic crystals
  • Industrialized, small form factor, ideal for compact integration
  • Excellent TEM00 beam quality:
    Typical M2 ≤ 1.1
  • Superior pulse stability:
    Typical < 2 %
  • Total Pulse Control for ultimate integrability into systems:
    Duty Control to change output power while allowing for longer pulse widths than the standard operating values
    PEC (Power or Pulse Energy Control)


Our DX Series Short Pulse Nanosecond Lasers have smaller form factor, higher performance and shorter pulse widths compared to its ancestor, the DSH series, providing the most compact UV output powers from 20W to 50W and Green output powers from 30W to 100W with short pulse width—in addition to longer pulse versions** (i.e. -LP, -HLP).

** For longer pulse width models, please see the DX Series Long Pulse Nanosecond Lasers

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