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RX2 Series Mid Power Picosecond Lasers

Mid Power Picosecond Laser

RX2-1064-60 | RX2-1064-100

RX2-532-40 | RX2-532-70

RX2-355-20 | RX2-355-28

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  • High single pulse energy: Up to ~600 µJ single pulse energy IR
  • Short pulse laser: ~10 ps for IR, ~7 ps for Green & UV; Option up to ~30 ps available.
  • Wide range of wavelengths: 1064 nm, 532 nm, 355 nm, MWB, MWS, & 266 nm options on request
  • Smallest, all-in-one (AIO), high power picosecond laser on the market: Up to 100 W IR, 70 W GRN, or 28 W UV, In the small RX2 form factor.
  • Highest efficiency picosecond laser with the lowest power consumption: < 700 W typical
  • High repetition rates: Options up to 15 MHz or ~32 MHz
  • Excellent TEM00 beam, and Pointing Stability: Typical M2 < 1.2; < 20 μrad
  • Exceptional and Versatile Pulse Control: PEC (Power or Pulse Energy Control). PSO (Position Synchronized Output) mode for external triggering to any arbitrary PRF while maintaining a constant, stable pulse energy with low jitter. Burst Mode for individually controllable pulses in burst envelopes of up to 10 pulses with intra-burst pulse separation of ~31 ns. POD (Pulse-On-Demand) pulse bursts can be triggered internally, externally, or continuously, while maintaining constant pulse energy.


Photonics Industries’ RX2 Series mid power picosecond lasers offer high performance, high precision, and robust form factor for the most demanding industrial as well as scientific applications.  Photonics Industries is proven, with over a thousand picosecond lasers shipped worldwide, to meet and fulfill precision needs in manufacturing, scientific research, and new, emerging requirements necessitating ever smaller pulse widths in the ultrafast regime.

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