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SN Series Sub-Nanosecond Lasers

Sub-Nanosecond Laser

SN-1064-10 | SN-1064-30 | SN-1064-70 | SN-1064-100

SN-532-5 | SN-532-16 | SN-532-40 | SN-532-60

SN-355-3 | SN-355-10 | SN-355-25 | SN-355-40

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  • Uniquely designed ns/ps DPSS laser
    Unique in the market for sub-ns needs
    Specifiable pulse width from ~300 ps to 5 ns
  • High power and high pulse energy
    Up to 100 W IR
    Up to 10 W IR air-cooled
  • High pulse repetition rates
    Up to 8 MHz
  • Very low power consumption for air-cooled models
    ~120 W
  • Exceptionally low timing jitter
    < 500 ps
  • Exceptional and Versatile Pulse Control:
    PEC (Power or Pulse Energy Control)
    Burst Mode for individually controllable bursts of up to
    2 pulses with a variable separation of 20-30 ns
    POD (Pulse-On-Demand) pulse bursts can be triggered
    internally, externally, or continuously, while
    maintaining constant pulse energy

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