Constant Innovation For All Industrial Laser Regimes

Introduction of the highest pulse energy ultraviolet (UV) laser providing 40 millijoules at 351 nanometers, with excellent beam quality (M2 ~10), and available in a dual head configuration up to 80 mJ.

Introduction of high power sub-nanosecond lasers, the SN Series, with availability in the pulse width range of 150 picosecond to 1 nanosecond; 70 watts average power at 1064 nanometers, 50 W at 532 nm, and 25 W at 355 nm.

Introduction of an industrial, high throughput-capable UV nanosecond laser in kilohertz pulse repetition rate, up to >1 millijoule pulse energy, and >50 watts average power (DX-355-50 Nanosecond Lasers).