(Ronkonkoma, NY – January 18, 2017) Photonics Industries, the pioneer of intracavity solid-state harmonic lasers, RGH Series new patented pulse picker technology was nominated as a 2017 Prism Awards Finalist, an award to recognize those companies that are developing innovations that are driving the technologies of our future.


Photonics Industries has invented a new patented pulse picker technology that provides for a unique proprietary control system for its RGH Series of ps lasers that enables:

  • the highest pulse energy (up to 700μJ @ 100kHz)
  • the smallest footprint, most compact, lightest weight industrial ps lasers commercially available.
  • a simpler, smarter design which is much easier to use and more reliable than the technology that conventional ps lasers are based upon.
  • with Total Pulse Control (e.g., individually triggered pulses on demand)
  • flexible burst mode operation (up to 10MHz) at high output powers.
  • adjustable repetition rate from single shot to 10MHz
  • Additionally, the user can change the operating PRF and also change the operating power or pulse energy through PEC (Power or Pulse Energy Control) function on the fly to maximize process flexibility.
  • The RGH Series are the only industrial picosecond lasers with these maximal flexibilities on the market to give customer more flexibility for more applications.

Photonics Industries offers a wide range of laser products for a myriad of different industrial and scientific applications.

For more information on the RGH Series laser please contact:

Dr. Joyce Kilmer


Matt Corrello

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