Ronkonkoma, NY,

PHOTONICS INDUSTRIES INTERNATIONAL Inc. has completed the installation of just under 400kW of solar panels on the roof of our new headquarters in Ronkonkoma, New York.

In addition, Photonics Industries (PI) has installed all new, solid state (LED) lighting throughout the interior and exterior of our new headquarters. This solid state lighting utilizes less than half the power of fluorescent lighting and ~1/6th that of conventional incandescent lighting.
Furthermore to make PI’s new building even more eco-friendly, PI has installed a novel geo-thermal system, eliminating the need for any refrigeration systems and enabling the use of more efficient water-to-water chillers (designed and built by PI) for our extensive laser manufacturing and test facilities. These new water-to-water chillers use less than half of the wall plug power as corresponding water-to-air chillers. Along with decreasing the power usage, the new water-to-water chillers benefit PI by eliminating the need for the additional air-conditioning (HVAC) required to cope with the exhaust heat from conventional water-to-air chillers in our clean room manufacturing environment.

The combination of installing:

  • ~400kW of solar panels
  • Solid state (LED) lighting
  • A geo-thermal chiller system

All contribute to assuring a sustainable future for the environment and Photonics Industries for years to come!

If you will be visiting San Francisco for Photonics West this February, please visit Photonics Industries at Booth # 1901 at the Moscone Convention Center Feb 16-18, 2016 to see all our novel new small form factor all-in-one (AIO) high power/pulse energy ns and ps lasers.

Photonics Industries’ new novel small form factor all-in-one (AIO) high power/pulse energy ns and ps lasers

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