Photonics Industries DS Series Q-Switched, intra-cavity
TEM00 Nd:YLF green lasers

(Ronkonkoma, NY – May 11, 2016) – Photonics Industries (PI), The Pioneer of Intracavity Solid-State Harmonic Lasers, was the first to develop high efficiency Q-switched, intracavity second harmonic Nd:YLF green pump lasers back in 1993. PI continues to lead this technology today, outpacing ourselves and the competition again with the introduction of our new DS-527-35, the highest pulse energy Single-Mode (TEM00) Nd:YLF green laser:

  • 35mJ @ 1 KHz
  • 60W @ 3 KHz
  • Beam Quality TEM00 – M2 < 1.2
  • Single Shot to 10KH

in a single polarization commercially available. Furthermore, this high pulse energy is scalable to 70mJ with the DS-527-35 in a dual head configuration for applications ranging from ultrafast Ti:Sapphire amplifier pumping, Thin Sheet Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and next gen LIDAR systems to industrial diamond scribing, high pulse energy cutting and drilling of ceramics, silicon carbide, etc. and materials processing of novel solar cell batteries. A UV version of this high pulse energy Single-Mode TEM00 Nd:YLF laser delivering ~20mJ @ 351nm is currently under development.
These High Pulse Energy Single-Mode YLF Laser are a natural extension to our multimode DM Series product line where PI previously released our DM100-527, the Highest Pulse Energy 100mJ green YLF Laser available, which is scalable to 200mJ in a dual head configuration.
For more information on the new DS-527-35 laser please contact:
Dr. Joyce Kilmer

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