Photonics Industries High Pulse Energy YLF Pump Lasers enable creation of world’s shortest optical pulse: 53-attosecond

On August 4, 2017, Professor Zenghu Chang from University of Central Florida’s (UCF) CREOL group and other researchers published the ground breaking article in Nature Communications:
“53-attosecond X-ray pulses reach the carbon K-edge”
53 attoseconds is the shortest optical pulse ever created to date. PI’s high pulse energy DM Series lasers were used as the pump source that ultimately lead to the generation of these record breaking ultrashort pulses.
Record Breaking DM Series Laser
Photonics Industries (PI), The Pioneer of Intracavity Solid-State Harmonic Lasers, was the first to develop high efficiency Q-switched, intracavity second harmonic Nd:YLF green pump lasers back in 1993. In 2013, PI continued to lead this technology, when it introduced our DM100-527, the highest pulse energy Nd:YLF green laser in a single polarization commercially available:
100mJ @ 1kHz
as described in the Journal of Laser Applications.
CREOL’s Professor Zenghu Chang achieves record breaking shortest optical pulse with Photonics Industries DM Series pump lasers. Courtesy of University of Central Florida.
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