More efficient energy sources enrich opportunities in the use of lasers in manufacturing. Since the cost of energy factors heavily into the overall product life cycle costs, improvements in a laser’s wall plug efficiencies lead to improved manufacturing cost effectiveness.

Photonics Industries’ (PI), the pioneer of intracavity solid-state harmonic lasers, has introduced its new DX Series, the highest wall plug efficiency nanosecond (ns) laser:

  • ~17% for green
  • ~10% for UV

and the most compact, most efficient air-cooled laser with the highest wall plug efficiency:

  • ~10% for green
  • ~6% for UV

Concurrently, Photonics Industries has introduced its new RGX Series, the Highest Pulse Energy pico second (ps) laser in the market ~1mJ in IR, over 400uJ in Green and ~200uJ in UV:

  • High Power (up to 100W in IR)
  • Short pulse (~10ps)
  • High repetition rates up to 8MHz
  • The most compact rugged All-in-One ps laser
  • The highest efficiency ps laser with the lowest power consumption <600 W typical

Such high pulse energies allow for process efficiency optimization by spatial scaling as the beam can be split numerous times to simultaneously feed multiple work stations yielding the lowest Cost of Ownership (COO).

Combined with increases in wall plug efficiencies, industrial micromachining customers can process materials at a much quicker, more efficient rate, expediting their manufacturing processes.

Being able to more efficiently manufacture these materials will reduce the cost and increase availability of technologies such as next gen high end mobile devices. This will allow expansion of broadband Internet technologies into more parts of the world and give access to a greater cross section of the world’s population.

Please visit us at:

Photonics West
Booth Number 5045
San Francisco, CA
Feb 5 thru Feb 7, 2019

to discuss how the DX and RGX lasers can address your application demands.

For more information on Photonics Industries’ novel laser please contact:
Dr. Joyce Kilmer            or            Matt Corrello  

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