Photonics Industries (PI), The Pioneer of Intracavity Solid-State Harmonic Lasers, has received the 2020 Laser Focus World Innovators Award for its new:

SN Series – flexible ns/ps pulse width laser

With nothing comparable on the market, Photonics Industries’ new flexible ns/ps pulse width laser enables unique applications not previously attainable with standard ps or ns lasers.

Typically, a process or application is dependent on the source laser’s pulse width. To investigate ns vs. ps pulse width process sensitivities, typically requires the investigator to have two different lasers — one ns and one ps.

Having both ps and ns pulse widths available on a single platform, assures more flexibility for process/application development. Photonics Industries now offers a unique high intensity (i.e., high brightness/high peak power) ns/sub-ns laser alterative, the SN Series. With its flexibility of pulse width from ~50ps to 5ns, the SN is truly an “all rounder” enabling the user to have access to “the best of both worlds”:

high power at high rep rates, up to 100W

as well as,

high pulse energy at low rep rates, up to 3mJ.


With over 25 years of manufacturing experience and over ten thousand shipments worldwide, Photonics Industries’ (PI)  has introduced this new diode pumped solid state laser, the SN Series, to fill the gap in high power laser availability in the low ns to subnanosecond pulse width range and has shipped subnanosecond lasers producing 3mJ/pulse from 1 to 15kHz and up to 70W @ 532nm for a number of practical  real world applications.

In many cases, there is no other technology available for these applications such as 3D lidar, high rep rate PERC solar processing, and laser based microstructure diagnostics and failure analysis. Photonics Industries has several standard SN Series lasers available up to:

    • 100W @ 1064nm
    • 60W @ 532nm
    • 40W @ 355nm

all with an excellent TEM00 mode quality (i.e., M2 <1.3) in a small/compact, industrial grade, all-in-one form factor (AIO) form factor with all control inputs on laser head. With other standard features such as Burst Mode and a timing jitter <500ps, the combination of the total package makes the SN an unparallel laser product on the market.

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