Photonics Industries’s new aircooled DX lasers are the best in the market in terms of its engineering for:

• Minimizing the temperature difference between the ambient temp and the laser head
• Maximizing the wall plug efficiency, i.e., laser output power vs. input DC power
• Addressing changing ambient temperature conditions

Compared to our closest competitors, Photonics Industries’s new aircooled DX lasers are superlative in terms of:

• Efficiencies ranging from ~20% to 50% more efficient depending on the specific models compared
• Substantially more efficient Heatsink design with unsurpassed heat removal in terms of heatsink capacity and fan noise/vibration level
• Superior laser performance such as beam quality (typical M2<1.1 vs. 1.3) and pulse stability (typical 1% vs. 2-4%)

Furthermore, all new Photonics Industries’s lasers have additional features our competitors do not have:

• Inclusion of a power monitor
• Remote diagnostics capabilities
• Novel “No Contact/No Touch” remote service capability via the Internet!

See our DX aircooled laser brochure for:

• More power
• up to 8W @ 355nm
• up to 15W @ 532nm
• Up to 4x more pulse energy
• ~150 µJ at 355 nm
• exceeding 300 µJ at 532 nm
• Shorter pulse width for more peak power
• Better beam circularity ~90%
• Better beam pointing stability < 25 μrad

• Advanced Software Controls GUI interface for

• “on-the-fly” adjustments of pulse energy control and burst mode

• on-demand remote diagnostic/”no touch/no contact” calibration

• highest DPSS laser wall plug efficiency laser available:

• ~15% for green

• ~9% for UV

• Monolithic All-In-One (AIO) laser design

• >40% less the total volume with air cooled heatsink!

for precision laser micromachining applications such as: cutting, scribing, marking, and drilling of small features.

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