High Power Industrial Laser

Photonics Industries’ (PI) newly updated water-cooled DX Series Q-switched UV Lasers and Green Lasers

The best in the market, distancing themselves from the competition!

DX Series UV Laser – In the UV at 355nm

  • The shortest Short Pulses for more peak power
  • The highest High Pulse energy with up to 3x more pulse energy (>1mJ/pulse)
  • Among the highest output power (15W to 50W)
  • Wide repetition rate for <20kHz to >500kHz
  • Better beam pointing stability < 25 μrad
  • Highest DPSS laser wall plug efficiency laser available (~10% for UV)

DX Series Green Laser – In the Green at 532nm

  • The shortest pulse width (<30ns @400kHz)
  • The highest output power (30W, 50W, 65W and 100W)
  • The widest rep rate up to 900kHz
  • Highest DPSS laser wall plug efficiency laser available (~17% for green)

Common to both the UV and Green

  • The Highest Efficiency for Less Power Consumption/Heat Dissipation
    • Efficiencies ranging from ~20% to 50% more efficient depending on the specific models compared
    • More “carbon neutral” for greener manufacturing
  • The Smallest Package
    • Monolithic All-In-One (AIO) laser design
    • With no need for a separate utility module, PI lasers have a total volume of ~1/4th that of our closest competitors
    • Less weight
  • Complete Pulse Control
    • Advanced Software Controls GUI interface for “on-the-fly” adjustments of pulse energy control and burst mode
  • To Address Changing Ambient Temperature Conditions
    • PI has wider operating temp range
  • Superior Laser Performance
    • Faster warm up times and stability (Typical 1% vs. 2-5%)


Furthermore, all new Photonics Industries’ lasers have additional features our competitors DO NOT have:
  • Advanced Software Controls GUI Interface
    • On-demand Remote Diagnostics capabilities
    • Novel “No Contact/No Touch” calibration/remote service capability via the Internet
All to enable predictive maintenance!

Applying Our Lasers to Your Needs

Our DX Series Lasers enable better precision industrial laser micromachining applications such as: cutting, scribing, marking, and drilling of small features at unmatched COOs.

Do you have a need that our industrial lasers can fulfill?
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