Product NameCategoryShort DescriptionWavelength (nm)Pulse Width (ps/ns)Pulse Energy (mJ/uJ)Average Power (W)Product Specification
DX UV Air-Cooled Series 1-10WnsAir-Cooled UV Laser355 nm<15 ns20 uJ1 WDX-355-1
100 uJ5 WDX-355-5
150 uJ8 WDX-355-8
200 uJ10 WDX-355-10
DX Green Air-Cooled Series 2-15WnsAir-Cooled Green Laser532 nm~15 ns40 uJ2 WDX-532-2
200 uJ10 WDX-532-10
300 uJ15 WDX-532-15
DX UV Series 15-50WnsHigh Power UV Laser355 nm<15 ns0.3 mJ15 WDX-355-15
0.4 mJ20 WDX-355-20
0.6 mJ28 WDX-355-28
1 mJ40 WDX-355-40
1 mJ50 WDX-355-50
DX Green Series 30-100WnsHigh Power Green Laser532 nm11±2 ns at 100 kHz0.5 mJ30 WDX-532-30
11±2 ns at 100 kHz0.6 mJ48 WDX-532-48
11±2 ns at 100 kHz0.7 mJ65 WDX-532-65
15±3 ns at 100 kHz0.8 mJ80 WDX-532-80
25±3 ns at 100 kHz1 mJ100 WDX-532-100
DX-LP UV Series 16-28WnsLong Pulse UV Laser355 nm95 ns at 40 kHz16 WDX-355-LP
245 ns at 200 kHz4 W
70 ns at 40 kHz28 WDX-355-HLP
220 ns at 200 kHz7 W
DX-LP Green Series 35-48WnsLong Pulse Green Laser532 nm85 ns at 40 kHz35 WDX-532-LP
340 ns at 200 kHz25 W
65 ns at 40 kHz48 WDX-532-HLP
250 ns at 200 kHz40 W
DP UV Series 8mJnsHigh Pulse Energy UV Laser351 nm7 ns8 mJDP20-c
4 ns2 mJDP5-c
4 ns0.5 mJDP1-c
DM UV Series 20-40mJ (Multi-Mode)nsHigh Pulse Energy UV Laser351 nm120 ns20 mJ30 WDM-351-20
DS UV Series 15-25mJnsHigh Pulse Energy UV Laser351 nm15-25 mJDS-351
DS Green Series 25-35mJnsHigh Pulse Energy Green Laser527 nm90 ns25 mJ40 WDS-527-25
100 ns35 mJ55 WDS-527-35
DP Green Series 18mJnsHigh Pulse Energy Green Laser527 nm~7 ns18 mJDP20-b
~4 ns4 mJDP5-b
~4 ns1.2 mJDP1-b
532 nm~5 ns1 mJDP2k-b
DM1 Green Series 20-100mJ (Multi-Mode)nsHigh Pulse Energy Green Laser527 nm170 ns20 mJ30 W
100 ns100 mJ150 W
DM1 Green Series 60-200W (Multi-Mode)nsHigh Power Green Laser532 nm150 ns6 mJ60 W
~120 ns20 mJ200 W
Dual Head LasernsDual Head Laser527 or 532 nmUp to 200 mJUp to 400 W
RX1 Series Low Power Picosecond LaserspsLow Power UV Picosecond Laser355 nm~7 ps3 WRX1-355-3
10 WRX1-355-10
15 WRX1-355-15
Low Power Green Picosecond Laser532 nm~7 ps5 WRX1-532-5
20 WRX1-532-20
25 WRX1-532-25
Low Power IR Picosecond Laser1064 nm~10 ps10 WRX1-1064-10
30 WRX1-1064-30
40 WRX1-1064-40
RX2 Series Mid Power Picosecond LasersMid Power UV Picosecond Laser355 nm~7 ps20 WRX2-355-20
28 WRX2-355-28
40 WRX2-355-40
Mid Power Green Picosecond Laser532 nm~7 ps35 WRX2-532-35
50 WRX2-532-50
70 WRX2-532-70
Mid Power IR Picosecond Laser1064 nm~10 ps60 WRX2-1064-60
80 WRX2-1064-80
100 WRX2-1064-100
RX3 Series High Power Picosecond LasersHigh Power UV Picosecond Laser355 nm~7 ps55 WRX3-355-55
70 WRX3-355-70
High Power Green Picosecond Laser532 nm~7 ps85 WRX3-532-85
100 WRX3-532-100
High Power IR Picosecond Laser1064 nm~10 ps130 WRX3-1064-130
160 WRX3-1064-160
RGLX Green Series 1.5-2.5 mJpsHigh Pulse Energy Green Laser532 nm<25 ps1.5 mJ at 1 kHz1.5 W at 1 kHzRGLX-532-1.5
50 ps2.5 mJ at 1 kHz2.5 W at 1 kHzRGLX-532-2.5
RGLX IR Series 2-4mJpsHigh Pulse Energy IR Laser1064 nm<25 ps2 mJ at 1 kHz2 W at 1 kHzRGLX-1064-2
50 ps4 mJ at 1 kHz4 W at 1 kHzRGLX-1064-4
PS UV Series 5-40WpsQuasi-CW Laser355 nm<15 ps3 W at 72 MHzPS-355-3
<15 ps15 W at 72 MHzPS-355-15
<15 ps25 W at 72 MHzPS-355-25
PS Green Series 10-80WpsQuasi-CW Laser532 nm<15 ps10 W at 72 MHzPS-532-10
<15 ps35 W at 72 MHzPS-532-35
<15 ps50 W at 72 MHzPS-532-50
PS IR Series 15-100WpsQuasi-CW Laser1064 nm<15 ps15 W at 72 MHzPS-1064-15
<15 ps50 W at 72 MHzPS-1064-50
<15 ps80 W at 72 MHzPS-1064-80
SN UV SeriessnSubnanosecond Laser355 nm300 ps; 50ps-5ns specifiable3 WSN-355-3
SN IR SeriessnSubnanosecond Laser1064 nm500 ps; 50ps-5ns specifiable10 WSN-1064-10
10 WSN-355-10
25 WSN-355-25
40 WSN-355-40
SN Green SeriessnSubnanosecond Laser532 nm350 ps; 50ps-5ns specifiable5 WSN-532-5
16 WSN-532-16
40 WSN-532-40
60 WSN-532-60
30 WSN-1064-30
70 WSN-1064-70
100 WSN-1064-100
DC UV Seriesns (special)Nd: YLF Laser351 nm25 ns0.25 mJ at 1 kHz0.5 WDC50-351
25 ns0.5 mJ at 1 kHz1 WDC100-351
20 ns1 mJ at 1 kHz1.5 WDC150-351
DC Green Seriesns (special)Nd: YLF Laser527 nm30 ns0.5 mJ at 1 kHz1 WDC50-527
30 ns1 mJ at 1 kHz2 WDC100-527
25 ns1.5 mJ at 1 kHz3 WDC150-527
DS Seriesns (special)4th Harmonic Laser266 nm2 WDSH-266-2
4 WDSH-266-4
TU Seriesns (special)Narrow Linewidth Ti:Sapphire LaserTuning Range:
720-940 nm,
360-470 nm,
240-313 nm,
206-235 nm,
193-206 nm
10-35 ns>1 W- >400mWTU-L
30-50 ns>1 W- >200mWTU-H
OPOns (special)High Repitition Rate OPO Diode Pumped Laser1.5 um-2 um,
2.2 um-3.4 um
6-10 ns at 1 kHz4 mJ, 1 mJDP10-OPO
6-10 ns at 1 kHz2 mJ, 0.5 mJDP10H-OPO
6-10 ns at 1 kHz4 mJ, 1 mJDP20H-OPO
10-15 ns at 1 kHz1 W, 300 mWDS10-OPO
10-15 ns at 1 kHz4 W, 1 WDS20-OPO
10-15 ns at 1 kHz300 mW, 75 mWDC150-OPO
FS Series Femtosecond LasersfsFemtosecond Laser1030 nm< 350 fs to 20 ps50 uJ5 W at 100 kHzFS1-1030-5
20 uJ25 W at 1 MHzFS1-1030-25
< 450 fs to 20 ps40 uJ50 W at 1 MHzFS1-1030-50
80 uJ75 W at 1 MHzFS2-1030-75
100 uJ100 W at 1 MHzFS2-1030-100
515 nm< 350 fs to 20 ps25 uJ2.5 W at 100 kHzFS1-515-2.5
15 uJ15 W at 1 MHzFS1-515-15
30 uJ30 W at 1 MHzFS1-515-30
< 450 fs to 20 ps40 uJ40 W at 1 MHzFS2-515-40
55 uJ55 W at 1 MHzFS2-515-55
343 nm< 350 fs to 20 ps20 uJ2 W at 100 kHzFS1-343-2
10 uJ10 W at 1 MHzFS1-343-10
15 uJ15 W at 1 MHzFS1-343-15
< 500 fs to 20 ps20 uJ20 W at 1 MHzFS2-343-20
30 uJ30 W at 1 MHzFS2-343-30